1980s Slasher Cup Competition

Retro Slashers’ dear friend Joseph Henson of the Bodycount Continues board (which is temporarily down) has created a niftly little blog called 80s Slasher Cup as a place to vote for your favorite slashers.

This is how it works kids, every day Joe picks 2 movies and pits them up agains each other. Their survival is based on our votes. When all is said and done, we will have the definitive list of the best slashers. We did this once over at TBC and it was one of the highpoints of my life. I know, I have a boring life, but you know, it’s the little things.

Anyway, stop on by, vote and post comments and let the good times roll!

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2 Responses to “ 1980s Slasher Cup Competition ”

  1. Thanks for telling everyone about this, Amanda. Hopefully it will get more people to vote. I have a lot of fun with these horror voting contests and it’s great that others share that love.

  2. Great site! I miss the original look of it with all the slasher movies in a list with their names and all. Do you still have that and a guestbook? Keep up the site!

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