6 More Days To Halloween: Everyone Deserves A Halloween Treat

My sometimes collaborator but always friend Dustin over at Retro Horror Remix recently released Halloween Treat 2 though the internet’s version of VCD, the torrent.

Basically it’s a compilation video featuring short movies and music to get one into the hallo-mood. The twist is for the newbs is – it’s all re-edited and remixed content.

Highlights include Demon Mask 2, a recreation of the movie-within-a-movie watched on TV in Demons 2 made possible by very careful digital cut and pasting. Being able to watch a “fictional” movie from a vantage point as if it’s a real one is pretty damn cool.

Rise of The Evil Dead is a remarkable effort, sourced from Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead prequel/test-run Within The Woods – you know, the one that’s only available in ultra murky 12th generation copies online? Here it’s been turned black & white for mood and better contrast, a sharpened image and intercut Evil Dead stock shots to fill it out a little better. Ash would approve.

Finally, a prime “treat” is a somewhat cheeky take on Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2, a movie I felt was a real “trick” in that it used Michael Myers to push a movie that was more an affront to the Halloween name than Season of the Witch was. This short edit of H2 packs the film down to pretty much the opening sequence and closing scene, with everything in between scooped out like so much pumpkin pulp. Insertion of John Carpenter’s scores and a more colorful photography seals the deal and makes it watchable. Almost.

Dustin didn’t have time to prepare a trailer for Halloween Treat 2 his balls are being busted to complete Sleepaway Camp IV as well as other projects for other people. But I’ve included the part one promo, a suitable approximation in tone of what to expect from part two.

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  1. HAPPY HALLOWEEN Everyone!


  2. any other way to download this other than demonoid?

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