Terror Train rolls back into town


Some of you may no doubt recall a remake of Terror Train was announced by Lionsgate a ways back, set to star the lovely former A-list darling Thora Birch. Imaginatively rechristened Train, the project strangely morphed into a knockoff of Hostel 2, and was relegated to the shelf, where it remains to this day.

100% less Terror, 100% more backwards Rs!

And so ended hopes for a new Terror Train….until today.

The fine chaps over at Bloody Disgusting got a tipoff today that the Freefall Films official website listed none other than a true remake of the 1980 classic on their production slate. What’s more, filming is supposed to take place as early as this May!

The wild card here is director Alex Wright; a journeyman TV director, who does some writing and acting on the side, who’s filmography doesn’t particularly indicate someone with the chops to revamp a slasher classic (though for the record, he did write, uh, Wishmaster 3).

At least they got the storyline halfway right, as the official synopsis tells us….
Amy and her friend Stephanie are set for the ultimate party weekend: a Halloween fraternity bash aboard a moving train. But when a costumed psychopath starts killing the passengers one by one, it’s up to Amy to stop the murderer.

Will it shape up to be a fun-as-hell, largely respectful homage/comeback like My Bloody Valentine 3D? Or will it be pathetic, sub-Urban Legend dross like April Fools Day and Prom Night? Time will tell….but at least it looks better than the Train Thora took.

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10 Responses to “ Terror Train rolls back into town ”


  2. i love this movie so much
    i cannot wait for a remake of this!

  3. Are you stupid? If you loves this movie why are you waiting for another one which try to steal its title and values?

  4. At this point, I am thinking of these films as fan sequel-tributes instead of remakes. Unless they are changed in title slightly. Because most of them are really straying from the original product, therefore they are like…internet fan films. Except in theater. :D

  5. Yeah, remakes are essentially sequels, and sequels are almost always essentially remakes. Sequels to remakes usually bring that point home pretty clearly! I agree with the article writer that the April Fool’s Day and Prom Night remakes are probably the worst of the bunch, but I’m not sure Urban Legend deserves to be associated with them!

    Terror Train remake could be good, and I love the original, but even in the 80’s I wonder how many teens had Halloween parties on trains!

  6. Urban Legend was ridiculous, but it was definitely worthy of a watch.

  7. You know, I saw Urban Legend in the middle of the night at a dollar theater back when it first came out, and I didn’t have THAT bad a time with it…there was definitely an idea there, but at the end of the day, the last word on that particular branch of the subject is, and probably shall be, the original Candyman. And ‘Legend just….exemplified what went wrong in the post-Scream era to a T. It was definitely the last gasp of the new stuff, before Scream 3 rolled in a put the ultimate nail in the 90’s slasher coffin.
    Shucks, that turned into a ramble there!

    But yeah….I absolutely hope they can pull this off, because I was only recently introduced to Terror Train, and I immediately developed a soft spot for it. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  8. Jaime Lee Curtis hermaphrodite rumors aside, Terror Train was and is a cool little title that likley wouldn’t stand up to the remake treatment anyway. The audience it would be aimed at would never be able to identify with a train as a viable means of travel much less a setting as a new year’s bliltz (btw, anyone else notice the back of the dvd cover with the absurb “Happy Halloween” misdeirect – lame). Just a thought. Train travel is near dead, in North America anyway, unless you fork over huge bank. The original still stands up fairly well, leave it alone. What’s next? “The Forest”?

  9. Quamis i am not stupid but all i said was i cant wait for a remake
    its my opinion not yours so back off.

    and maybe some people like remakes.

    not everyone can have your same feelings

  10. I’m just hoping for a better release of the original with commentaries and special features. Terror Train truly is one of the top slasher movies ever made.

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