A Day At The Beach With Code Red

What’s this!? Code Red selling out the slasher crowd to go upscale art house!? No, it’s just another case of the company taking chances in ways other genre companies simply do not. No, it’s not a slasher and heck, it ain’t even a horror, but looking at the spine it’s part of the numbered Code Red collection (I gotta get ‘em all!). There’s something charming and admirable about these guys releasing a lost drama film not because the marketplace demanded it, but simply because lost films deserve to be available and seen. That’s my take at least. Code Red now and then dip outside the horror genre – only last month they released a double feature of drive-in titles Between The Covers & Swinging Wives – but don’t expect them to abandon USA horror titles anytime soon: the Director’s Cut of Sweet Sixteen is out on the 14th of  next month.

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  1. This is the film Roman Polanski was working on in London while his wife Sharon Tate was murdered in California by the Manson family. When Polanski got word of the killings, he flew back to L.A. and never returned to finish the post-production of this film.

  2. I don’t want to sound like a JERK, but Code Red hasn’t even put out half of the “slashers” they previously announced, and now they are already starting to shift focus? AND WHAT THE HELL IS THE DEAL WITH “THE MUTILATOR”??? And Roman Polanksi has a lot of talent, don’t get me wrong, but he’s kind of a leap from Code Red’s target audience! I’m starting to worry they will just turn into another temporary “Lighting Video”, “Wizard Video” or “Magnum” and go out of business!

  3. im with you retro horror..but im trying to keep my hopes up!!

  4. We got this in best buy!!! this is the 2nd film we have at bestbuys. All the other titles (horror films) did not get in bestbuy. Bestbuy is more friendly to drama then horror film. we had 5 years on this and 2 years already expired. This had to be top on the list because our rights was going to run out in 3 years. Number on the spine is a error. also BURBANK DRIVE-IN is not our title, it belongs to MARS PICTURES.

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