A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010): A mini review

The new Nightmare is much better than I expected despite a few flaws.  First with the bad.  The new Freddy make-up is awful and seems to change during the course of the film.  Sometimes Freddy resembles the killer in Popcorn, other times he looks a lot like the rich villain in Hannibal.  Jackie Earle Haley is not Robert Englund and it’s hard watching someone other than Englund play the character.  Nancy and her boyfriend are a couple of emo’s instead of fresh faced kids-next-door types.  The film is full of jump scares instead of building up to a scare.

Okay, now for the positive bits. Jackie Earle Haley as human Freddy is amazingly creepy and sleazy.  Freddy  is scary again, not a two-bit Henny Youngman impersonator with a bad complextion.  The glove is pretty bad-ass, the theater went ape-shit when it made its first appearance.  The story never slows to a bloody crawl like the TCM and F13th remakes.

I had an amazing experience watching this in a theater full of teens who weren’t even alive when the original Nightmare hit the big screen.  Listening to their screams and howls reminded me what it was like to see a slasher movie back in the 1980s.  The theater erupted in cheers and applause at the end.  I haven’t seen this kind of response to a horror film since Scream 2.  Maybe my views would be different if I’d  rented the dvd instead of seeing it in a theater, but I found the Nightmare remake to be entertaining and by far the best slasher remake Platinum Dunes has made.

Um, sorry if this mini review is rambling but I’m trying to leave out plot details on purpose.  Plus, I’m still buzzing off the heavy dose of nostalgia.

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8 Responses to “ A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010): A mini review ”

  1. I liked it. I thought Jackie did a great job and brought a very vicious and pissed off take to the character.


    I also liked the one part where he toyed with the character who was dead, but could still dream for 7 minutes. :)

  2. I re watched the original for the first time in over ten years and intend to see the new version as soon as possible. Is it actually good or just not as bad as it could have been? To me the new cast look too old for the characters. The NOES original was one of the few 80s slashers with a cast that looked young enough for the parts, the other notable one being Sleepaway Camp which actually seems creepier now because the cast was so young.

  3. watched it last night. I thought it was quite good. I found Haley much more convincing as a child predator (living Freddy that is), though Englund’s characterization of the dream killer is still slightly better. The makeup was also spookier in that it was more realistic, though it will certainly never be as iconic as the original version. My only real complaint was that while Freddy is much darker and serious in this movie, they still retained some of the silly wisecracks, and the classic scene where Freddy pushes through the wall over Nancy’s bed was terribly wasted in bad CGI. I also liked the actress who played Nancy in this version more than Langenkamp.

  4. I finally succumbed and saw it. It’s definitely a PD film. Every shot is tweaked for atmospheric effect. The sets are exaggerated and achieve that strange hygienic new-horror computerised “grime”. The most effective scenes are direct re-enactments of the original. It’s better than NOES 4. JEH does OK, but the subsonic Dark -Knight- style monotone voice gets a bit comical at times. The scene with Nancy in a kids dress is effective, but is basically a rehash of a scene in Freddy’s Dead. The best way to look at it is as a sort of sequel. What NOES 2010 really does is make you realise that Jennifer’s Body was pretty adventurous for a mainstream horror movie, these days.

  5. I thought the film was very good,good storyline and i am glad they didn’t make it a fresh remake with the same characters.Jackie Earle Haley in my opinion did a damn good job at playing Freddy.I also liked the actress who played Nancy in this version.She comes off as innocent and Emo but shows that she cares for her friends who are dying off.The same as it was in the orig. I also loved the ended and it caught me off guard. I am planing on seeing it again this Sat

    I also liked how they paid homage to certain scenes like the bathtub and the Freddy coming thru the wall. That was cool.

  6. This flick was a seriouse disapointment,… the original Nightmare was one of my favorite films of all time, even though I thought all the sequals blew… this remake had Zero suspence,… ZERO.. NONE!!! tinas death was totaly lame compared to the original…as were all the kill scenes for that matter… how do you steal scenes directly from the film your remakeing and make them less suspencefull,less gory,less graphic and ultimitly, less scary?????…. they should of developed the human freddy character more being that it was the only remotely creepy thing in the entire movie.

  7. i loved it! Jackie was fantastic as the new freddy, CGI was a lil poor and not done well. the story i think is 100% better then the original at most parts, and nancys not emo shes socially awkward but as the story goes on she developes into a hero, rooney mara was the best teen in this movie her last nightmare she had wit freddy gave me chills down my spin and wen she screamed after freddy telepathicaly threw her on the best whoooo, that girl is a scream queen, i get it a B+

  8. This movie deserves an enema.

    I do hope Craven was paid well to hand over the rights or give his consent for this abomination! The two leads were awful..mopey, dopey, cliches who did nothing to serve the narrative other than bring down the energy and momentum every time they appeared on screen. The adults were reduced to cardboard cutouts….Nancy’s parents were merely ciphers in this mess and nothing more.

    Jackie Haley was good as Freddy and some of the dream sequence visuals were highly effective…..but overall? A gross underestimation of what makes an effective and worthwhile ANOES movie. I’d rather have sat through ANOES 2: Freddy’s Revenge again – and that movie is a complete cinematic holocaust of donkey-ass.

    John Saxon has chunks of the new ANOES in his stool.

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