A Nightmare on Elm Street One Sheet

To hell with the ones sites have been posting from the Comic-Con event, here’s the real thing. Finally we’re starting to see some progress with the publicity for A Nightmare on Elm Street, due out next April and making a presence at this year’s high profile event.

Following on from the earlier teaser of the new Freddy Krueger, here’s the poster for your viewing pleasure…


Source: Fangoria

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13 Responses to “ A Nightmare on Elm Street One Sheet ”

  1. I don’t know but I am not excited about this one. I am sure I will give it a look, but I cannot get excited about it. However we can look at the last Wes Craven remake: The Hills Have Eyes. But then again Platinum Dunes is making the picture, so we’ll see.

  2. this is gonna be sick….its not the old school type of horror but this new school stuff is a lil bit more darker and gorey…i think wit will be a big hit

  3. I’m still not happy about this remake, just because the original is my all time favorite movie. Ever. However, the poster looks pretty bad ass for what it is. I like that the glove looks similar to the original, and I like that they aren’t showing his face right away. Sooner or later a good picture of JEH in Freddy makeup will surface which will for sure spoil it for everyone, but that’s the internet these days…

  4. Looks just a tad generic, but I’m excited to see the remake, I guess… I don’t understand why didn’t just go a completely different route if they didn’t/couldn’t cast Robert Englund. The look is very similar.

  5. I think us die hard fans would have a real bitch fit had they completely changed the look of Freddy. I like that looks the same. I just hope the face does justice since they’re hiding it for now.

    This movie could have benefited from having a cameo by someone from the original. Even if it was Amanda Wyss playing the mother of one of the teens. It’s subtle for the remake, yet gives a giant nod to the original

  6. I guess I’m glad they stayed true to the original look…but yeah, I hope the face looks good too!

  7. Looks about on par with some of the one sheets from all of the more recent Freddy films. I’m glad this don’t didn’t show his face…I’m sort of afraid to get that first look at the “new” Freddy. I REALLY wish they would have got Robert Englund. Freddy just isn’t FREDDY without him. He had dialogue, not just a guy in a mask. Then again, it IS a remake so I guess I better get used to the idea right now.

  8. The original is my all time favorite movie in the world, and I’ve never been repulsive to remakes, but I really am disappointed they are remaking this one. Expensive advertising, like the one sheet, the staged pictures, or the new comic con footage shown can all look good and awesome and cool, but it’s not going to govern whether the movie is good or pathetically lame, cliché, and down-right terrible from story to characters. Don’t get me wrong, I really want them to prove me 110% wrong, but they did the exact same the thing with Friday the 13th with advertising and such and the movie turned out to be a complete failure, the characters all seemed to be expendable, predictable, and thinner than cardboard — they had absolutely nothing to them and I could care less which one was picked off next. It was basically another sequel with a new bunch of kids that are slaughtered. If it is a REMAKE of an ORIGINAL movie then the remake actually has to be original — and I’m sad to say it wasn’t in the least. Which leads me to say that the real main problem with remakes is that people pick up the idea because they know: # 1 It makes money (proved time and time again it sells to remake a classic, whether they deny it or not it’s the MONEY!), second is it’s the perfect scape goat for upcoming directors, actors, writers, etc. to have their name known and gain extra fame through a well-known name, in this case NOES, and lastly and most importantly is with the knowledge of all this above, the select people behind these remakes don’t spend their time wisely on key elements that made the originals ACTUALLY good! They spend their time on the ONLY thing they know: the iconic character that made it famous, the killer. When they do this they ignore character development, and key storytelling elements that are absolutely essential to making a good film (but it doesn’t matter to them, it makes the $$$ either way) and us unintelligent fans buy into the whole idea and flock to the theaters anyway (even though truthfully I will also probably go see it in theaters just because it’s my favorite film). I have even more confirmed faith that the film will disappoint because we all have past proof of several terrible remakes before this one (all under the belt of the same ones in charge of the NOES remake), otherwise I wouldn’t be so quick to judge. The film is already wrapped up so I know that nothing is going to be undone what already is done. I just want everyone to open their eyes and not be so brainwashed by the same filth that drew us in time and time before! Message to those involved in my favorite movie remake: PROVE ME WRONG PLEASE!

  9. ctchadwick said everything that I feel about this remake. I get so defensive about it because it’s my favorite movie. I guess the only good thing to come out of this is that the original will be remembered even more, and it’s keeping Freddy in the spotlight.

  10. Not Seeing it sorry

  11. RE: Christopher Youngblood.

    Wouldn’t the last remake of a Wes Craven film be The Last House on the Left?

  12. i can’t wait to see this. haley is a great actor, and if he doesn’t make a better freddy than englund (which IS possible), i’m confident he’ll at least be as good.

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