A Passing Glance: The New Freddy


It’s New Coke! I mean, New Freddy. Here’s a slightly cleaned up n’ cropped version of one of the latest set of “spy” location photos which would normally be as bland and snooze-worthy as the rest except one has captured Jackie Earle Haley as Human Freddy. Not much to praise or critique at this point except that it’s good to see the Fredster in some clothing other than the red/greens – though they’ll likely turn up post-burning. And I’m digging the white picket fences – reminds me of the one thing FREDDY’S DEAD got right – the flashbacks showing Freddy In Suburbia.

Source: JoBlo

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8 Responses to “ A Passing Glance: The New Freddy ”

  1. Looks like he should be in Scarface! I can imagine him saying ‘Say hillo to ma li’el fwend’ as he raises his glove.

  2. Are we sure aboot this? That dude looks Asian.

  3. I’m pretty sceptic about this remake.Nightmare on elm street part I (unfortunately ruined by most of it’s sequel,like the horrible parts II and VI) is one of the best horror movies i ever saw,and has a perfect balancement that i have seldom seen achieved.
    However,i’m curious to watch the movie.

  4. I remember Jackie Earl from lots of 70’s-80’s movies. Can’t think of the names, though. He always seemed to play a punk. I think he may possibly pull it off, but isn’t he too small of a guy to play Freddy?

  5. Freddy has never been tall, Robert Englund was usually towered over by his co-stars. That’s what was so creepy about him, he was like a dirty old man.

  6. Yeah I guess you’re right about Freddy’s stature. Those are some excellent points, Christian.

  7. It’s not just the look. Freddy has a personality and style that Jackie Earl Haley has to pull off. That is what makes his character so great. His character was great in Watchmen so he probably will make a great Freddy too.

  8. Unfortunately though, SlashMaster, this is a remake and so the filmmakers have complete artistic freedom to reinvent the character as they see fit. This usually results in them being crucified by the hardcore fans (as Rob Zombie has found out with H2) but Freddy may not be quite as we remember him when this movie is released.

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