A Real-Life Final Destination?


Sometimes life imitates art a little too closely. I’m sure you’re all aware of the disaster of Flight 447 earlier this month, in which a plane carrying 228 people disappeared during its journey between Rio de Janeiro and Paris. One passenger who never made the flight was Johanna Ganthaler, who had been due to take the flight back to her home in the province of Bolzano-Bozen with her husband, Kurt.

But due to running late, the couple had missed the flight that been scheduled to take off at 19:03 local time on May 31 2009 and had remained in Brazil until the following day. There is little doubt that Ganthaler and her husband had felt extremely lucky for missing the doomed flight, but events recently took a more bizarre and deadly turn.

Soon afterwards, whilst driving through Kufstein in Austria, a car containing the couple veered into the opposite lane and into the path of an oncoming truck. Whilst Kurt Ganthaler escaped alive he was seriously injured, but sadly his wife would die in the crash.

This was purely an accident and there was no higher force at work, but its similarities to Final Destination is unnerving!


Source: Times Online

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8 Responses to “ A Real-Life Final Destination? ”

  1. spooky!

  2. If that wasn’t weird enough I found this news story from 2006 about a guy who was due to take a flight but for some reason backed out at the last moment and then died in another plane crash a month later. I guess when your time is up…


  3. Unfortunately the story is a complete crock!

    Sure, the poor lady died after a crash. But it was not in a collision with a truck. Rather her husband dosed off due to jet lag/ fatigue and rolled the car in Austria June 1st 1500hrs.

    And they flew on an earlier Flight – AF443 and were well on their way before the crash flight took off.

  4. Do you have a link to your source as the one above from Times Online states the info featured in the article? If you know an alternative version of the events I would need to see an article in order to change it.

    Here’s other sites that have stated the same details as the info above –




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  8. Thanks for finally writing about > A Real-Life Final Destination? < Liked it!

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