A Tribute to Michelle Bauer


Michelle Bauer is my favorite scream queen. When Bauer retired in 1995 several publications marked the event with special issues and goodies for die hard fans. These images are from an autographed card set released by Scream Queens Illustrated.

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9 Responses to “ A Tribute to Michelle Bauer ”

  1. she was hot in hollywood chainsaw hookers

  2. OMG Tittys! Nice!

  3. Not my favorite of the old school ’80s slasher favorite Scream Queen’s, however, she was indeed hot in Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers as well as several other noteable cult faves.

    And yeah, fine gallery of tits. ;) Any excuse for old school 1980’s tits is always a damn good one in my book. :D

  4. But can she cook?

  5. It’s funny I don’t recognize her. I am usually pretty up with the slasher scream queens.

  6. Nice tits. But I never cared for her. She’s been in a ton of films most of which are beyond unwatchble. Anyone ever seen HELLROLLER about the really pissed off serial killer in a wheelchair who was born after his mom was gang raped by Siamese twins? Really bad but kind of funny. One victim is Ironed to death.

    Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers is probably the only good thing she was ever in.

  7. Retired? I looked it up and she has been in 19 movies since 95. one was the really terrible Jess Franco flick Lust for Frankenstein.

  8. You can see her recently in Gingerdead Man 2. She’s funny as hell in that. And still hot, even though her character has one tit bigger than the other.

  9. I have not seen most of her movies but I will watch even the unwatchable ones just for her. There is something very sexy about her.

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