A Turkey for Turkey Day!

What is there to give thanks for if you can’t give some love to the best Thanksgiving slasher ever, Home Sweet Home. OK, it’s the only Thanksgiving Day slasher I can think of but still, you get my meaning.

Now pass the stuffing… And have a great day, willya?

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6 Responses to “ A Turkey for Turkey Day! ”

  1. home sweet home was either filmed too dark or the VHS transfer is too dark, I think it was a problem with the transfer as “Too All A Goodnight” has the same issue, both are released through Media Home Entertainment. Another thanksgiving slasher is “Blood Rage” by the way

  2. Oh man… this movie. When I watch it I don’t know whether to laugh or be annoyed… definitely a golden turd.

  3. I wish Eli Roth had really done THANKSGIVING, as I never cared much for this one. I agree the transfer or the lighting is WAY too dark, and that the mime guitarist was so annoying I really could not enjoy it even on a “cheese” level.

  4. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVED this movie! The killer is goofy, the characters are different, and there is a nice touch of atmosphere. Not to mention the lady that is ran over by the killer – classic! Too bad “Body By Jake” wasn’t in MORE sleazy slashers!


  5. I love Home Sweet Home!!
    Also check out Home for the Holidays with Sally Field!

  6. A mime is a terrible thing to waste.

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