Actor Discusses ELM STREET Remake


Rising star Kyle Gallner recently spilled the beans about A Nightmare on Elm Street‘s upcoming reboot, which will be brought to us courtesy of Platinum Dunes next Easter.  The twenty-two year old Haunting in Connecticut actor discussed Jackie Earle Haley’s performance as the new Freddy Krueger.

“Jackie’s just bringing this raw energy to Freddy Krueger that’s really scary and intimidating,” claims Gallner who, coincidentally, had a small role in Wes Craven’s last feature, Red Eye. “I did a scene with him the other night where we’re literally just nose to nose, eye to eye and it’s like ohhh maaaan!  As soon as he’s done talking to you in his cast chair and jumps onto that set, he puts that voice on and he does his thing, he’s got that claw in his hand and he’s right there, it’s intimidating.  And his makeup is really scary, it’s kinda creepy.”

But the gloves are off as far as fan reactions have been, with many condemning the movie for replacing Robert Englund in the iconic role, as well as the lukewarm reception to the script which had briefly done the rounds (read our review of it here).  But Gallner states that fans will be pleased with the end result, “It’s a revamp for sure, there are definitely some shout outs to the original with specific lines and camera shots and stuff like that but it’s a revamp.  We’re kind of making it our own without straying too far away.  We’re doing it justice but we’re making it our own.”


Source: FEARnet

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2 Responses to “ Actor Discusses ELM STREET Remake ”

  1. So Nu-Freddy is using a creepy voice, not just the actor’s own. Interesting.

  2. Wait did he say the claw was IN his hand? Shouldn’t that be ON his hand? Am I reading too much into that? Interesting.

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