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albinofarmdvdnewsIt’s been a long time coming but Albino Farm is finally set to appear on DVD on September 22, courtesy of MTI Home Video. Directed by Joe Anderson, Sean McEwen, the film tells of four college friends who inadvertently stray into the territory of the deformed mutant Pig Bitch and her freakshow clan.

Boasting special effects by Industrial Monsters & Props’ Jason Barnett (Hellboy), Albino Farm blends elements of The Hills Have Eyes with old school slasher. The cast includes wrestler Chris Jericho, former Home and Away star Tammin Sursok, Pulp Fiction’s Duane Whitaker, Friday the 13th Part VII’s The New Blood’s Kevin Spirtas and scream queen Bianca Barnett, who portrays the menacing Pig Bitch under heavy prosthetics.

The DVD will come with a director’s commentary and a making of featurette, whilst the film itself will be in 5.1 and widescreen. You can pre-order from, fans of Wrong Turn should find this entertaining.

Visit the official site for more details!

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