Amen! Night Of The Creeps Heading To DVD


creeps“They got Alfalfa!” The good lads at Deadpit Radio dropped us a line to let us know while recording their April 3rd edition with DVD producing mogul Michael ‘Slipcase’ Felsher from Red Shirt Pictures. They learned that this Halloween is going to be creepier than ever with Fred Dekker’s Night of the Creeps at least hitting official DVD. Felsher stated:

‘In October Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will be releasing Night of the Creeps to DVD in a directors cut special edition, it is coming out officially for the first time ever. Fred Dekker is already working on it, It’s going to be the director’s cut with the original ending. We’re going to go balls to the wall with the special features on it…I talked to Sony today its official, we’re going ahead and its coming out in October!’ ‘It’s officially In production…and moving forward, its coming!’

Source: Deadpit

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12 Responses to “ Amen! Night Of The Creeps Heading To DVD ”

  1. Sweet! Another good year for horror in the DVD department!!! I only got to see the original ending on youtube but the picture quality sucked. Can’t wait for this one, either!!!!

  2. Huge fan of this movie! Very excited & long overdue. I guess they couldn’t argue with the performance of the ‘Monster Squad’ dvd.

    Time for some manliness, Atkins-style!!!

  3. Thrill me.

    Oh, they are! YAY!


  5. This Movie Is Cool For All Ages

  6. Awesome news!

  7. This Is Fantastic First My Bloody Valentine “UNCUT”
    Now Night Of The Creeps. All We Need Know Is Someone To Release
    The 1983 Slasher CURTAINS On Dvd.

  8. All I can say is it’s about time. Night of the Creeps is one of my all time favorite movies. I love everything about it. I cannot wait to get the DVD into my hands. And, yes I completely agree with Jamie about Curtains. There’s a movie begging for a proper DVD release.

  9. Hi Tuzo Thanks For The Comment. Another Slasher I Am Hoping Gets A Proper Release The 1982 Slasher THE SLAYER If U Like MADMAN
    & THE BURNING U Will Enjoy This. Its On Dvd Thru Vipco ENT
    But The Picture Is Real Grainny And Its Fullscreen.

    Its Going To A Great Year I Think For Classic Horror Releases

  10. I have The Slayer on a double feature VHS with Scalps. The Slayer isn’t the fastest moving horror movie, but the setting is top notch. It has an eerie quality that stays with you long after watching it. It definitely deserves a DVD release.

  11. I’m shocked. It’s a crime it took as long as this to get rolling on DVD. And “balls to the wall special features” included? Nice! This is one of my favorite movies, and I can now cross it off the #1 spot on my should be on DVD list.

  12. YAY! I love this movie! a slasher, an army of alien-controlled zombies! It’s every horror fan’s must add for a big wide collection!

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