April Fool's Day (1986) Publicity Gallery

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8 Responses to “ April Fool's Day (1986) Publicity Gallery ”

  1. Definitelty worth the wait John, awesome selection from a kickass movie!

  2. Amazing gallery!! Thank you :) I would love to own the press kit. I’m glad that I got a chance to see it.

  3. Can’t make the scene w/ Chaz & Rob in the top row, second column. Could it be a cut scene?

    Like the one 3rd row 1st column. Might be the only bts pic I’ve seen from this movie. I’ve looked for bts stuff on AFD for ever & hardly ever find anything.

  4. You might be right 2ndsuitor – it could be from when they return to the island in the extended ending. I have a whole bunch of images from the extra ending and will see how this fits in when I eventually post everything.

  5. Sounds awesome John & that is exactly what I figured the scene might be. MAYBE you could chronologically post the photos in an article w/ the novel “cut” scenes from the old main site . . .

    I’ve got to say, as much as I want a SE DVD of this & want the extra scenes to be included, I like the current theatrical ending as the actual ending. It’s so much different from other slashers, it’s an asset. I guess there are two possible alternate endings out there, both starting from the big reveal, right?

  6. Hi 2ndS, although the large reveal in the living room and subsequent party was ALWAYS part of the movie, Nan fake-slitting Muffy’s throat was not. With the original ending tacked back on the final scene with Nan would have no place as the whole point of going back to the island was to finally prank Muffy. I wouldn’t miss the Nan scene though.

  7. I like how the theatrical cut ends. It’s the only slasher I can think of where by the end of the movie not one character has actually died. The original ending seemed to cheapen the film as if it felt that it had to cater to the slasher fans, but by ending on a joke it gave the movie something unique I felt.

  8. Thanks for the info. I feel like there were other rumored alternate endings.

    Gotta say, I completely understand your perspective, but I like the Nan ending. A look/wink to the camera is often over-used (in comedy) and sometimes falls flat. I think Nan’s is the perfect capper to the mood of the film.
    Christian, what you stated are the same reasons I like the theatrical ending.

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