Artwork for Adam Sandlers Horror Revealed

shortcutHaving Adam Sandler’s name attached to a horror film immediately sets off all kinds of alarm bell, kinda like having Michael Bay making them, so it is with immense scepticism that I approach The Shortcut, his first producer credit within the genre.

The plot centres around the usual generic garbage of kids wandering places they shouldn’t and getting killed. Sounds like almost every slasher movie to me. And to make things more exciting, the first official poster has been released, which resembles the typical bland post-Scream design of all the pretty boys and girls lined up in a row.

I guess the days of gruesome and enticing artwork is long behind us now. Oh please, bring back the ‘80’s…

shortcut2Source: DVD Active

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3 Responses to “ Artwork for Adam Sandlers Horror Revealed ”

  1. JASON VS HAPPY GILMORE is an Adam Sandler related slasher movie I’d like to see. Anything else is just secondary.

  2. I’d like to see Adam Sandler in Hostel: Part III. I can think of a few ways for him to suffer off the top of my head.

  3. I like the idea behined The Shortcut. It’s an interesting story. I guess every town has that place kids wisper about. The one place you’re not meant to go to. Could be a decent film. But Adam Sandler making a horror film! Shudder!

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