Assorted VHS Covers

From the Retro Slashers archives, donated by Richard Mogg.

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6 Responses to “ Assorted VHS Covers ”

  1. Hey Guys,
    This is off subject but I need to ask a question. I watched Curtains(1983) the other night and I wanted to ask if someone can explain the ending. Everyone recommends this movie, but why? I didn’t think it was all that great. I don’t want to give away anything for the people who have not seen it but the ending leaves you with wtf just happen. Any thoughts??????

  2. its been a while, but all i can remember was that the chick that made all the jokes was the one who was doin all the killing

  3. @adam…. It was the girl telling all the jokes but it really never explained why she was doing it. I guess she had some issues and really wanted the part. I bought the dvd at walmart and it’s a weak transfer…straight from a vhs tape. maybe if i got to see a restored print i could appreciate the movie. Thanks adam!

  4. yeah i have a dvd r of it, but it would be nice to get a proper release, sorry i couldnt be of more help. its been a while since i seen it

  5. not problem adam….. have a nice holiday.

  6. hey thanks dude, have a good one yourself

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