Amanda By Night

The Eyes Have It!

I once read in Video Watchdog, “If the eyes are the window to the soul, then Lucio Fulci is the ultimate voyeur”. This is perhaps the most concise description of Fulci’s eyeball torture mastery. Not only are eyes the most expressive part of our body, they are also the most delicate and unprotected. It didn’t take long […]

Slashers Rule!

Who knew that all those years ago when I was writing about my adoration for slashers for a fanzine called Debaser that I would find myself the instigator of mass corruption. OK, that’s a complete exaggeration, but it is true that the editor, Ryan Orvis, was not only reading the stuff I was writing for […]

The Back Lot Murders (2002)

Note:I originally wrote this review several years ago and it’s gone from site to site. As the years have passed, I’ve come to find this little ditty has grown on me, so there have been some edits. This might not be Corey Haim’s shining moment, but it’s not a bad little slasher either. RIP Corey. You were […]

Happy Hell Night (1992) Review

Happy Hell Night missed the slasher frenzy by almost a decade but it’s still a pretty good attempt at a straightforward horror movie. As legend has it, twenty-five years ago seven students were slaughtered by a seemingly unstoppable force named Malius (Charles Cragin). The survivors – a student (played by a very young Sam Rockwell) and […]

Offerings (1989) Review

1989 was full of uncertainty. Like George Michael’s sexuality for instance, and this oddball black comedy slasher. Offerings was a regional horror movie shot in Oklahoma and is a total rip-off of Halloween. However, it also likens itself to Rob Zombie’s remake by giving the killer a motive. It’s also a little bit like Prom […]

Never Sleep Again Website Launches

And Freddy is waiting for you! The official website for the upcoming (and sure to be definitive) documenatry on the Elm Street series has gone live. The documentary, which began filmming in August of 2009, should prove to be all intensive. Brought to you by Dan Farrands who put together His Name was Jason, has […]