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New Year’s Evil Redux!

Simply because I haven’t watched another New Year’s Eve themed slasher (at least one I can remember seeing…), here’s some linkage to the awesome New Year’s Evil review I wrote a few years ago. Enjoy! Have a safe and awesome new year!

To All a Goodnight (1980)

David Hess was no stranger to the world of celluloid horror when he stepped behind the camera for his directorial debut (and swan song as of this printing). As an actor he made us cringe as Krug, the scariest of the hoodlums featured in Last House on the Left and his rapist take on Of […]

Home, Sweet Home (1981)

Once upon a time there was this bodybuilding guru named Jake. Jake Steinfeld actually, but he went by Body by Jake and built an empire as trainer to the stars. He was rumored to be the only man to make Steven Spielberg throw up. There’s just a touch of irony that he caused such mayhem […]

The Year of SOV: Blood Lake (1987)

I don’t know why when horror fanatics hear the word “obscure” they think they have to see that movie! I mean, maybe it’s obscure for a reason! It’s kind of a sickness we have, to hunt down the rarest of horror, especially slashers. Goes to prove that we are a passionate bunch. But are we also […]

SOV Month Becomes SOV Summer Becomes SOV YEAR!!!

Let’s celebrate the upcoming autumn equinox correctly, shall we? Due to some unforseen things – like life – I was unable to complete my obsessive SOV retrospective (or OSOVR) in the high style I would have liked. There are at least three films left I know I want to cover and probably a couple of […]

Help Ted V. Mikels!

A friend of mine passed along this distrubing article regarding Mr. Mikels. The tough economy has hit us hard and Mikels, one of the great indie mavericks of our time, recently had to give up his studio near the Las Vegas Strip (which I had the pleasure of visiting a few years ago) and is […]