Anthony Benedetto

Code Red's Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases

Code Red has managed to expose their audiences to a wealth of wonderful trailers, which excite most exploitation fans. This month alone we will see the releases of “Trapped”, “The Weekend Murders”, “Stunt Rock” and “The Strangeness”. And of course slasher fans have been eagerly waiting for the releases of “Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker”, “Nightmares”, […]

Schizoid (1980) Review

“Schizoid” feels like a violent slasher made for the Lifetime network. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. That automatically separates it from the pack and creates the illusion you are watching something new, when in fact it is just a melodramatic horror picture that transports you back to that bygone era of Grindhouse fun, […]

Nightmare USA

The bible for all horror movie lovers.

The Island

Good music, a quality cast and a terrifying concept alone should be enough to induce a quality performance on the big screen, right?