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Viva VHS: Jack's Back (1988)

Viva VHS: Jack’s Back (1988)

With its twins, dead prostitutes and copious dream sequences, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Jack’s Back is a lost Brian De Palma movie. In fact, it was written and directed by Rowdy Herrington, who – although probably best-known for the 1989 Patrick Swayzefest, Road House – specializes in hard-edged thrillers like Striking Distance (1993), […]

Giallo Month: My Dear Killer (1972)

Italians would use the term “giallo” to describe any mystery or thriller story, particularly those tales in the tradition of Agatha Christie, whose novels were originally published in the yellow-backed format that gave the genre its name. In fact, it’s only amongst us film fans that “giallo” has come to refer exclusively to the particular brand of […]

Giallo Month: Eyeball (1975)

Giallo Month: Eyeball (1975)

Through the month of August you’re going to be reading about Giallo (plural Gialli) here at Retro Slashers. For those unfamiliar with the genre, Giallo is the European cousin to, and a major influence on, our beloved North American Slasher flick. The word Giallo means yellow in Italian, and is a reference to the nickname […]

Under The Knife: Dissecting The Slashers

Written by David Boyle. As a horror fan I’m grateful for the long line of films that have drawn me to the most unyielding sectors of reality— and my imagination.  Every time I go to see a scary movie, I find myself reliving the exact moment when I first felt a cold surge of fear […]

SOV Week: I’ll Spit On Your Grave Too (1995)

By Richard Mogg for Retro Slashers Was that a severed penis hanging from the woodchipper?!? I suppose I could have saved that line for the end of this review but I, like the filmmakers of this uber-cheap video production, tend to throw the money-shots up head first. Make no mistake, I’ll Kill You, I’ll Bury […]

SOV Week: Blood Cult (1985)

By Richard Mogg for Retro Slashers Ahh… the glory days of Shot-On-Video (S.O.V.) horror. With six times the bad acting and ten times the charm, these camcorder classics were the ultimate fad during the up and coming years of the VHS. Think a couple hundred bucks isn’t enough to make a movie? Jon McBride proved […]