Retro Slashers

SOV Week: Phantom Brother (1988)

By Richard Mogg for Retro Slashers Oreo cookie delights! Three times I’ve come across this forgotten SOV (Shot On Video) sleeper and three times the tape’s video-box has been covered in mold. The dusty, fuzzy kind. The kind of funk that leaves your hands smelling like garden soil after you slide the cassette into that […]

DVD Review: The House on Sorority Row (1983) 25th Anniversary Edition

Guest Reviewer: Steven Lewis

The Boogeyman (1980)

Reviewed by Richard Mogg Can a film be more than the sum of its parts? Heavily influenced by John Carpenter’s 1978 Halloween (and mixed with equal doses of The Amityville Horror and The Exorcist), Ulli Lommel’s sophomore venture into the realm of slashers should have been nothing more than another entry in an already bursting […]

Black Christmas (1974)

Reviewed by Michael Sarago A large house harboring the cheerful chatter of a sorority Christmas party, a few colorful holiday decorations and a snowy landscape make up the first images of this film. Now while this seems like a warm and friendly situation, it is anything but as we realize we’re seeing this through the […]

The Bird With The Crystal Plumage (1970)

Reviewed by Michael Keene There are few slasher films that make a horror fan rethink the genre, but if there is any one movie of the sort, it is most definitely a giallo film. For me, the giallo film that changed the horror genre was The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, the first of many […]