Ross Horsley

Friday the 13th Part III on UK TV – in 3D!

Slasher fans in the UK are in for a rare treat next week when Channel 4 screens Friday the 13th Part III in 3D as part of its seven-day 3D season. Special specs in an unusual blue-and-orange colour combo are available free of charge from Sainsbury’s supermarkets, so grab a pair (or a pair of […]

Amsterdamned (1988) Review

You have to hand it to Amsterdamned – it’s got one hell of a gimmick. By 1988, the slasher genre had given us killers who hid their faces behind hockey masks, gasmasks, clown masks, William Shatner masks, owl masks, pillow cases, chunks of stitched-together human skin… It was only a matter of time before one […]


Feeling blue? Seeing red? Hate colour metaphors? Don’t despair… slasher movies can help! Psychologists have long recognized the healing power of feel-good movies in treating all kinds of mental woes, from bouts of minor depression to fits of cheerleader-murdering rage, so just imagine the effect a good slasher movie can have. Cinematically speaking, the humble […]

Red Mist (2008) Review

  I never thought I’d live long enough to see a remake of Aenigma – Lucio Fulci’s blending of Carrie and Patrick, which featured killer snails and death by Tom Cruise poster. But that’s essentially what the recent British horror Red Mist (known as Freakdog in the US) is… albeit one that’s short on molluscs […]

Really Retro Slasher Villains

A knife-wielding cross-dresser… A killer who sports razor claws and a fedora… A sack-headed maniac prowling a deserted tourist spot… The murderous glare of a mysterious eyeball… These vintage villains from the 1920s to the 1950s prove that trends in slashing are as cyclical as fashion…

R2 Slasher Exclusives

America leads the way when it comes to releasing slasher movies on DVD, with lesser-known gems like Sweet Sixteen and Final Exam finding their way onto feature-packed special editions, and companies like Shriek Show, Code Red and Blue Underground bringing even greater obscurities kicking and screaming into the digital age. But slasher fans continue to […]