Ross Horsley

Great Slasher Mysteries Vol. 2

Time for us to delve deeper into the mysterious world of mysterious slasher mysteries, with two classic cases from the Vaults of the Unknown. Last time, readers were kind enough to share their opinions and extra information concerning the conundrums featured, and I encourage you to do so again if you think you know something […]

Great Slasher Mysteries Vol. 1

Life is full of tantalizing mysteries… How did they build the Pyramids? What are UFOs? Is there an afterlife? And how did Lipstick Jungle get a second season? Okay, some of those are perhaps not quite so tantalizing, but I’m ignoring them all anyway in order to concentrate on some of horror history’s most intriguing […]

Book Review: Deadly Detention

A notch above most Young Adult thrillers thanks to its author’s dryly humorous tone, Deadly Detention is a playful riff on school-set slasher movies that whistles along swiftly and keeps up the suspense to the end. Think back to the 1985 John Hughes movie The Breakfast Club and, if you’re anything like me, you’ll remember […]

A 'Friday the 13th' Alphabet

A is for AGAIN? Platinum Dunes’ remake of Friday the 13th opens worldwide this week, and producer Brad Fuller is already hoping there’ll be a sequel, according to B is for BLOGS. Stay up-to-date with the latest F13th news with the Friday the 13th Blog and Scab’s Friday the 13th & Horror Blog.   […]

Lacklustre F13th UK Reissues

Friday the 13th Parts 2-8 get DVD re-releases in the UK on Monday 9 February with cover art apparently inspired by The Texas Chainsaw 2: The Gruesome Edition and various Saw movies before it. Parts 2 and 3 (which are also released on Blu-Ray) inherit the special features from the new region 1 editions, except that Part […]

Book Review: The Literary Six

There comes a point in every slasher fan’s life when they arrive at the horrible realisation that they’ve seen every decent slasher movie from the genre’s eighties heyday. Sure, newer slashers may promise a retro style but they, like Hatchet and Monster Man, usually turn out to be a mixed bag at best, with far […]