Thomas Ellison

Is Mass Market Horror Fiction Dead?

Over the last thirty years the market for horror novels has exploded, dried up to almost nothing, found new life through the splatterpunk movement, died off again, and then made a comeback through Leisure Books’ line of mass market horror novels.  Last September, Leisure shut down their paperback lines with all future publications coming out in electronic […]

The Slasher Expeditions Part 2: The Attic of Terror

There once was a local Pic-A-Flick-Video store that was home to the greatest collection of horror movies I’ve ever seen.  What made this store so special was its location,  a two story building.  Downstairs was pretty much like every other video store, but the upstairs was Shangri-La for horror fans.  The shelves held hundreds of beautifully […]

Gross Gifts

The success of Blanche Knott’s Truly Tasteless Jokes spawned numerous rip-offs in the early 80s.  Julius Alvin cashed in on the raunchy joke book craze with the Gross Jokes series.   Gross Gifts, the entry from 1983, skips the usual dead baby material and focuses on “everything from gross cosmetics to gross movies to gross vacations.”  The “gross […]

My Bloody Valentine: The Secret Mastermind Theory

***WARNING*** HEAVY SPOILERS AHEAD*** If you’ve never seen My Bloody Valentine then you might want to skip this post.  If you’ve seen My Bloody Valentine more times than you can count (like me), then this post will offer up a way to view the film in a very different light.  If you decide to re-watch […]

Fangoria #300

Fangoria has reached a major milestone with its 300th issue available now.  Instead of the usual retrospectives common with special anniversary issues, editor Chris Alexander and friends compiled a list consisting of 300 major horror films.  Alexander admits his “intention” is to “inspire great debate amongst our readers.”  Slasher fans will be happy to find […]

Slashers and Urban Legends: The Baby-Sitter and the Man Upstairs

The Legend: After putting the children to bed for the night, a baby-sitter receives a strange phone call.  “Have you checked the children?,” the caller asks.  At first, the baby-sitter thinks the calls are from friends trying to scare her.  The stranger calls back later but now he asks,”Why haven’t you checked the children?”  Now […]