Be the slasher!

Many of you may be familiar with the White Wolf role playing franchise, World Of Darkness. Primarily known for Vampire: The Masquerade, the series has grown to include other classic horror archetypes such as werewolves, mummies, ghosts, changelings, and even those mortals who would dare to hunt them.

Now, the World Of Darkness is opening to include another, more modern horror figurehead: the slasher!


The ad copy describes World Of Darkness: Slasher Thusly:

Blood Splatter

There’s a different breed of killer out there. They aren’t driven by the need to drink blood or the pulse of the full moon. They kill because they have to, because murder is the only thing they know. Will you hunt the slashers — or join their ranks?

A Chronicle Book for World of Darkness® and Hunter: The Vigil™

• A grim exploration of the slasher phenomenon: why are some humans—including some hunters—driven to kill? How can some of them shrug off bullets or ignore an axe to the skull?
• A look at a new hunter conspiracy driven to investigate, hunt—and hopefully arrest—supernatural serial killers: the FBI’s VASCU, or Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit.
• Learn how to use slashers in a story both as antagonists and as anti-hero protagonists. Examine the cruel Undertakings of the slashers of the World of Darkness.
• New weapons in the fight against slashers… as well as new slashers in the fight against everybody with a pulse. Includes new equipment, Tactics, Merits, and Endowments (including VASCU’s psychic Teleinformatics abilities).

I don’t know about you….but this might just force me into taking that final step to becoming a total shut-in!

Slash….or go to work….

The choice is easy!

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