Behind-The-Scenes Of H2

Several new shots in this video, which show that Hobo Myers also walks like a Hobo. I feel sorry for him and want to point him to the nearest soup kitchen. HALLOWEEN 2: Anticipated Horror Sequel, or Modern-Day Parable For Social Injustice?

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2 Responses to “ Behind-The-Scenes Of H2 ”

  1. ‘I don’t really care about nice people and their nice world, that always kinda bores me.’ I guess that’s why even Laurie Strode was an irritating bitch in his movie. He can’t write characters for shit unless they’re sleazy rapists or killers.

  2. I’m excited and worried about H2. I’m hoping it’s going to be a great movie and a thrill ride. But the rational side of my brain thinks this is going to be a trainwreck.

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