Beyond The Door From Code Red DVD

It’s not a slasher, but any retro horror release from Code Red is cause for celebration. Beyond The Door (1974) is commonly belittled as a Euro Exorcist clone. Is that a fair assessment? I’ll be grabbing the DVD to find out for myself. Might even watch it back-to-back with Exorcist 3: Cries And Shadows (mmhmm). Streets September 16th, now let’s laundry list the specs:

16×9 1:85:1 widescreen presentation of the uncut European version, an audio commentary with director Ovidio G. Assonitis and Mondo Digital writer Nathaniel Thompson, moderated by Lee Christian, a second audio commentary with star Juliet Mills, HOSTEL producer Scott Spiegel and film historian Darren Gross, “Englishman In Italy” – a video interview with Richard Johnson conducted by Pete Tombs, “Beyond The Door, 35 Years Later” – a featurette with writer Alex (INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN) Rebar, director Ovidio Assonitis and stars Juliet Mills and Richard Johnson, original trailers and still gallery.

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9 Responses to “ Beyond The Door From Code Red DVD ”

  1. Fun movie. Haven’t seen it in years. I’ll be wanting to pick this up! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I love exorcist 3! Brad Dourif is a badass in that film, and in general. Part three is my favorite of the series, then the beginning, then the original then heretic and then that other one that they put out that i dont really like (lol).
    Ill be pickin up beyond the door, wasnt a classic really but is definitely entertaining.
    im waitin for the unseen and sweet sixteen from code red.

  3. I’ll be picking this up too. My VHS copy has certainly seen better days.
    I.W., right there with you on the EXORCIST 3 love. That dang nurse station scene!!!

  4. Never seen it before. I’ll be picking it up in September.

  5. Unk, rad! love that scene.

  6. i love this movie, i have it on vhs and i will buy the dvd. Code Red are the best i just buy today The Dead Pit and The Chilling and i pre-order The Unseen!!! I can’t wait for the SWEET SISTEEN and SILENT SCREAM…. in reality all of the Code Red dvd i want to buy it!!! :)

  7. but i got a question whath kinde of movie is hit is a slasher or what beceause that movie look very asowme

  8. Its NOT the excorcist 3 that your all thinking about..its a 1975 rip-off from germany

  9. No offense bloodyjudge but nobody was confusing this with Exorcist 3, it was only brought up cuz it was mentioned in the synopsis. btw, it’s Italian not German ;)

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