Beyond The Door O-Ring

It’s a good time to remind that Code Red’s DVD of Beyond The Door is out this week. Picked up a nice little tidbit on their Blog that further enhances the company’s reputation as a collector’s service:

“BEYOND THE DOOR streets on September 16th and we thought we’d let you know its first pressing, which is only 2,500, will have a collector’s edition limited o-card. All future pressings of BEYOND THE DOOR will not have this collectible o-card, so grab them before they’re gone!”

For the uninitiated, an o-card is a type of card insert to the DVD sleeve. Anchor Bay used to produce similar items as a way to show off theatrical poster art – no idea if they still do that. Indeed, if they even release retro horror anymore.

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  1. I didn’t pick up this one, but I got Final Exam; any word on anything similar with that one?

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