Black Devil Doll Finally Makes It To DVD

For those who are not easily offended, Jonathan Lewis’ outrageous blacksploitation killer puppet feature Black Devil Doll is finally set to debut on DVD on October 27. Produced by Shawn Lewis, the director’s brother and owner of clothing site Rotten Cotton, the movie has been providing heavy promotion on the likes of MySpace for the last couple of years.

Shot in Antioch, California back in 2007 for just $10,000, Black Devil Doll tells of a young woman (Heather Murphy) who inadvertently summons the spirit of a black militant leader whilst dabbling with an Ouija board. His soul takes over a ventriloquist puppet, targeting Heather and her big breasted friends.

Whilst hardly winning points for subtlety, Black Devil Doll is as extreme as they come, with the promise of full-on nudity and graphic violence guaranteed to tempt fans of cheesy exploitation flicks.

For more information visit the official site


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6 Responses to “ Black Devil Doll Finally Makes It To DVD ”

  1. Awseome news! I was close to buying a dvd-r of this in my last order from cinema-de-bizarre. Alls I gotta do now is wait til October.

  2. But where is ‘Black Devil Doll From Hell’ DVD? :(

  3. “Black Devil Doll from Hell” is probably in the 25 cent VHS bargain bin.

  4. Here’s an update on the release –

    Distributor: Lowest Common Denominator Entertainment
    Price: $24.95
    Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1
    Format: Widescreen

    Special Features –
    Audio commentary by director Jonathan Lewis, writer/producer Shawn Lewis and writer/designer Mitch Mayes
    Audio commentary by the cast
    Audio commentary by cinematographer/editor/visual FX supervisor John Osteen
    Audio commentary by the Black Devil Doll!
    Audio commentary by “a group of kids who were traveling around, flying, renting cars to see the movie,” Shawn Lewis tells us. “I think they’ve seen it eight times now, so I had them do a commentary, and it’s great!”
    Three exclusive trailers
    Film festival clips
    Rare footage from the New Beverly Cinema premiere
    Three Black Devil Doll animated short films
    Behind-the-scenes still gallery
    Rare interview with the Black Devil Doll
    Free bonus mini-poster

  5. Cinema De Bizarre huh? They have big balls fucking with me. I’ve got plane ticket money put aside just for assholes like this that need their knee caps broken. Thanks -shawn

  6. This movie sucks ass! Weak! I wasted 25 bucks on this crap.

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