Black Devil Doll From Hell DVD Delay Explained

In August it was announced that Chester Turner’s mid-80’s blaxploitation killer puppet pic Black Devil Doll From Hell was coming to DVD with extensive extras, like Turner’s whole other film, Tales From The Quandead Zone. The plan was for an October release, but due to distributor issues and extra time needed to record audio commentaries, that was changed to December 15th. That too was jettisoned when a snowpile of special features opportunities presented themselves.

Project head Shawn Lewis, director of the recent unrelated but inspired Black Devil Doll, explained the delays as follows:

“Chester Turner fans are in for a treat. After speaking more with, Chester’s brother, Keefe Turner, we learned that he as the original doll from Black Devil Doll From Hell, as well as some other props from the film! As most of you know, Keefe did the voice of the doll…

The release is looking better and better everyday. But I am afraid that we may need to post pone it again, we had not originally planned on having as much involvement from Keefe, so we are going to need a bit more time to produce the audio commentary with him and some interviews.

You have waited this long to have an official Chester Turner dvd, a few more months for a killer release featuring interviews/audio commentary with Keefe and the original doll from the film won’t be too bad, no? We are doing everything in our power to make sure this dvd is everything it needs to be.”

Source: Black Devil Doll From Hell FB

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