Black Devil Doll Turns Into a Motherfu**in Novel


l_1bd3675eb03615917b8918cb842bedb8I’m a bit slow picking up on this one but Black Devil Doll writer Shawn Lewis just informed me that a novelization of the movie is due for release.  Adapted by Stephen Romano, who had previously penned Don Coscarelli’s episode of Masters of Horror and had also been attached to his proposed sequels Phantasm V and Bubba Nosferatu: Curse of the She-Vampires, the tie-in book should be an entertaining read to say some of the outrageous material that has made it into the film.

For those who have somehow let this one pass you by, Black Devil Doll is a crazy tale of a black militant leader who finds himself in the body of a jive talking ventriloquist doll after a big-breasted beauty dabbles with an Ouija board. Keep an eye out for this book as it is expected to hit the internet in the next few weeks.

As the poster proudly boasts… He’s a lover, he’s a killer, he’s a motherfu**in’ puppet!

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3 Responses to “ Black Devil Doll Turns Into a Motherfu**in Novel ”

  1. If nothing else, it has kickass artwork!

  2. Romano’s my favorite author, full stop. So I’m there. Had no idea the dude even wrote this – he’s a prolific mofo.

  3. I’m buying whatever these Black Devil Doll freaks are selling! I saw the movie in SF a few weks back, and it was one hell of a good time. Can’t wait to read it all fleshed-out in a cheesy dime store novel.

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