Boo Hoo: No Code Red On Black Friday

With Code Red’s DVDs being some of the more expensive discs out there – which is well in line with with other smaller distributors who don’t get the subsidies the big studios do – I was looking forward to Amazon’s Black Friday deals to hopefully skim a bit off those prices. Turns out none of the Code Red DVDs are affected – at least not yet. The deals do rotate so I suppose I should have waited more than a few hours before crying in my cereal.

My Amazon cart is brimming with CR movies to fill out my collection (a meager collection due to said pricing). But maybe I shouldn’t bother waiting for imagined price drops – some CR titles do have decent pre-existing price deductions – The Undertaker is only $14.95, making it a no-brainer to replace that dusty old boot that Thomas reviewed, and The Redeemer (its back cover quotes seem to beg you not to buy it) skims in nicely at $15.49 but Madman and Riot on 42nd Street both come in close to the  twenty dollar mark. I might be able to justify the former on basis of extras, but will have to question if my nostalgia is strong enough to pick up the latter. Probably not, but I’m noting for future reference that it’s two bucks cheaper at DVD Empire.

Lest you think me a nitpicker or penny pincher, bear in mind I have changing-daily currency conversion to deal with not to mention global mailing prices. So for me, the difference between a fifteen and twenty bucker can mean everything when making my quarterly bulk Amazon purchases. None of the above is a rant or editorial, just the out loud thinking of a collector whose head weighs heavy with the variables that will decide what he needs to pick up, and what he needs to let go of. Like completing any math, sometimes it helps to write it all down.

So, dear readers, what elements factor in when you want to make a DVD purchase?

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  1. It’s definitely a matter of price for me as far as ordering off the internet. I tend to look all over for the best deal before I make my purchase. While Amazon is one of my choices to make these purchases, I tend to search on eBay because I always seem to find at least one good offer that outweighs the decision to buy on Amazon. iOffer is another site to find the obscure titles and fair prices. Check it out sometime!

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