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For those eager to see the upcoming teen slasher Sorority Row (hitting theatres October 2), here’s two brand new images from the movie to whet your appetite! One shows a steamy sequence between co-stars Audrina Patridge and Matt O’Leary, whilst the latter sees Leah Pipes brandishing an axe as she attempts to protect her friends (played by Brianna Evigan, Caroline D’Amore and Bruce Willis’ daughter, Rumer) from the looming killer.

The film sees Partridge play a prank on her boyfriend (O’Leary) after discovering that he has cheated on her, only for events to take a deadly turn when he accidentally kills her, forcing her friends to dispose of the body. “We have to make it believable to the audience – especially the deaths – so I’ve been trying my best, and really giving it my all,” says Partridge on her brief but memorable role.

But anyone who has seen the trailer knows that this will be more than a stalk and slash thriller, with Summit Entertainment having gathered together a selection of up-and-coming actresses to provide plentiful eye candy in between the slaying. “(We filmed) a sorority party, and everyone was in pajamas and lingerie,” Partridge continues. “We filmed all night for three nights in a row, it was like 30 degrees, and I had on a cute little lingerie lacy dress with heels. I had to lay on the dirt at like five in the morning! It was freezing cold — but you’ve just got to suck it up and do it.”


Source: MTV Blog

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  1. Awesome, he’s getting to second base, while the rest of the girls are about to be debased. See what I did there?

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