Breaking News: Happy Birthday To Me 3D


And Retro Slashers totally called it.

Back on March 4 when there were (now trampled) rumbles of Lionsgate doing a MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D PART 2, we said:

I’d personally rather see the same creative team reunite and apply the 3D model to another underloved retro slasher that would offer ops for inventive murders instead of being confined to more pickaxe tossing. Let me put my vote in right here, right now for HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME 3D! 3D shishkabob, anyone?

And now 2 months later, an anonymous tipster let us know that Lionsgate have initiated development for HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME 3D. Sure, the flick was always going to be remade, but of all the possible titles to redo and in 3D… strange coincidence, donchathink?

Read our Review of HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME (1981).

UpdatePerhaps not Lionsgate.

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11 Responses to “ Breaking News: Happy Birthday To Me 3D ”

  1. YES! and i remeber saying it was an awesome idea and wooo im so happy they are doing this!

  2. I’ve given up on Hollywood, one pointless remake after another! Happy Birthday to Me was a stylish thriller. The ending may have been a little naff but like this version will be any better.

  3. Well, good for youuu!!

  4. Fingers crossed they get a director who is as talented as J. Lee Thompson. He added a giallo feel to his version which made it stand out from other slashers of the era (aside from maybe Night School). Hoping My Bloody Valentine 3D stands up to repeated viewing as I enjoyed that at the cinema but I imagine a lot of that was to do with the awesome 3D. I was actually blown away by how impressive the effects were with objects literally flying out at the camera, as most previous 3D films have been a little patchy. Glad the technology is improving.

  5. Hopefully they can pull a My Bloody Valentine and re-release it on DVD uncut.

  6. Where’s Final Exam 3-D or The Prey 3-D???

  7. I Agree With KODIAC JACK Uncut With The Original Music Score Would Be Awesome

  8. We’ll most likely get some sort of special edition DVD of the original once the 3D redux hits the theaters. I am excited for this one along with the Mother’s Day remake. Bring on the striped scarves!!!!

  9. Maybe They Will Release The Original MOTHER’S DAY In Widescreen
    That Would Be Awesome.

  10. Still waiting for an uncut Eyes of a Stranger.

  11. is this still in the works????

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