Burning remake still smoldering?


Within the last year or so, rumblings of a remake of the Weinsteins’ 1981 slasher classic The Burning began to surface, coinciding with both the original film’s release on dvd, and the box office success of the revamped Halloween (also from the Weinsteins). All has been quiet for the time being, but on the eve of the sure-to-be-a-hit Friday The 13th remake, the brothers Weinstein would have to be crazy not to seriously consider resurrecting Cropsy & his shears.

So what would the new model entail? The souls over at the ever…uh, dependable IMDB have this proposed plot outline up:

Thirteen years ago, at Camp Blackfoot in Upstate New York, a group of vengeful kids rebelled against a pedophile camp caretaker named Cropsy, who in their bout of revenge was burned nearly to death and disfigured forever. Now, at Camp Stonewater, one of the boys responsible for Cropsy’s deformations is a supervisor looking over a group of sex-driven camp counselors on a canoe trip up Blackfoot River. Unaware that Cropsy has recently been released from the hospital and is out for blood, the campers become the prime targets in Cropsys sheering reign of revenge.

So….basically just The Burning, with added pedophilia? Some early reports also had Cropsy’s origin retold at an apartment complex where he was the janitor, making the summer camp element rather random.

In a recent issue of Rue Morgue, original director Tony Maylam said that he was considering a new film revolving around the Cropsy campfire legend, but that project appears unrelated to the potential remake.

Will Cropsy return? I think we’ll get our answer when Friday The 13th‘s box office tally is added up in a couple of weeks….

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10 Responses to “ Burning remake still smoldering? ”

  1. Your theories are intriguing and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  2. Lol, the new issue features secrets of the pyramids!

  3. That information has been up on IMDB for at least a year now without seemingly any type of offcial confirmation. So I don’t know how serious this really is.

    As always, I’d perfer a sequel to a remake. The whole pedophile angle seems forced and stupid to me. But I liked the “My Bloody Valentine” remake well enough, so we’ll just see.

  4. I agree that the pedo angle, while actually somewhat apt for this particular scenario, is totally by rote. “We gotta get some pedo in there!” They’re kind giving us a greatest-hits slasher scenario that apes Friday AND Nightmare, apparently.

    And yeah, this news has been simmering for awhile…but I felt it was of special relevance on the eve of the Friday reboot. You just know every off-brand slasher in town will be up for a retooling, and this one’s a no-brainer. So it could indeed get VERY serious, VERY quick.

  5. I had no idea that content even existed on the IMDB, have any of you guys tried trawling that place? Ugh.

  6. Oh, indeed I have….for that Clock Tower movie. God DAMN is that place a zoo.

  7. ill pass.

  8. I’ll give this one a miss too. pedphilia. Vile!

  9. I Am Excited Beyond Belief For A Remake Of ‘The Burning’! I’m So Excited That I Have Some Casting Ideas! First, I’d Have Dave(Originally Played By Jason Alexander) Be Played By Shia LeBeouf! Sophie (Originally Played By Holly Hunter) Be Played By Evan Rachel Wood or Alison Lohman! Marnie (Originally Played By Bonnie Deronski…Never Heard Of Her? Go Figure) played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead! Eddie (Orignailly played by Ned Eisenberg…again! ‘Who?’) played by Ben Foster! So far, those are ideas that popped up very quickly!

  10. Cancel this remake. That’s alkl I have to say.

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