Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker DVD Update

Here is an exclusive update on Code Red’s DVD of Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker (1983). Alternatively titled Night Warning, William Asher’s thriller/semi-slasher tells the tender tale of a teenager and his incestuously-powered murderess Aunt (Susan Tyrell). The skinny:

“We delayed BUTCHER BAKER NIGHTMARE MAKER from our October schedule for a reason: we were finally able to arrange it with Jimmy McNichol to do an on camera interview with him! Since he is busy and no longer lives in L.A., we weren’t able to have him participate on the DVD, but he contacted us, and told us he will be in L.A later this year, which we felt to have his on camera interview was worth delaying the release, as we felt the fans of the film would like to see how the 70’s teen idol is now, as well as what he has to say about the film! We hope you understand the last minute delay, and hope you feel it was the right decision.”

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10 Responses to “ Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker DVD Update ”

  1. no problem! cant wait!!

  2. OMG! Jimmy McNichol! Dude, I loved him! YAY! This is good news. I like this movie. It’s pretty underrated if just for Tyrell’s AMAZING performance!

  3. Is this actual, accurate news?

    No one has addressed “the Mutilator issue” yet.

  4. I have yet to see this one but have read nothing but good things about it. I’ve only seen Susan Tyrell in one movie and that was Avenging Angel. She’s so kick ass and I’m sure she plays the psycho character very well.

  5. that movie is scccccccccarrrrryyy

  6. a another great movie i have and i will buy the dvd!!! Code Red = the best Dvd
    somebody know when the Code Red website will work?

  7. I don’t mind waiting if it means getting the best DVD possible, Thanks CODE RED for caring so much about your end product and the fans of the film.-UNK

  8. cod red is a real santa clause

  9. Did they say if Susan Tyrell will be making a commentery on the dvd or is it just going to have an interview of Jimmy McNichol?

  10. I think she lives in LA, I saw her at a Forbidden Zone screening within this past year. I hope they interviewed her, too, she’s so amazing.

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