Cat In The Brain DVD (Grindhouse Releasing)

Coming off a superb (I’m told – too expensive for me right now) Special Edition of Pieces, Grindhouse Releasing are bringing Lucio Fulci’s self-reflective slasher Cat In The Brain to DVD on March 31, 2009. No word yet if that a representational enhanced cover above for the disc, nor extras.

Dr. Lucio Fulci is a director of splatterfilms. He stages a gestapo-orgy like it was any other movie scene. But he is influenced by these things more than he likes. He is hunted by bloody visions day by day. Is Fulci still normal? He asks a psychatrist. He doesn’t know that the psychatrist has much bigger problems than Fulci himself. The psychatrist uses Fulci’s visions for brutal murders in real life…

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3 Responses to “ Cat In The Brain DVD (Grindhouse Releasing) ”

  1. You can get “Pieces” at deepdiscount for under $20.

    I hope the “Cat” DVD is just as good.

  2. I Loved ” Pieces ” Classic Slasher.

    I Have Never Seen Cat is it any good.

  3. I’ve never seen it either but it’s supposed to be wall-to-wall gore!

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