Curtains, Birthdays & Funerals: The Lesleh Donaldson Interview

Curtains, Birthdays & Funerals: The Lesleh Donaldson Interview

Lesleh Donaldson appeared in several classic horror films in the early 1980s. Best known for her role in “Happy Birthday To Me”, Donaldson quickly became a scream queen underdog. She was the “girl next door” type, killed in the first few minutes. Her big starring role was in “Funeral Home”, a terrific little Slasher potboiler [...]

Scalps: The 30th Anniversary Interview

Scalps: The 30th Anniversary Interview

Last time we presented a retrospective celebrating 30 years of Scalps, a shocking slasher that would differentiate itself from the pack with its Native-American supernatural elements. This time around, we speak to the director himself. Read on as Fred Olen Ray peels away the layers of the 1983 production.

Retro Slashers Interview: Scorpion Releasing

With the recent news of Scorpion Releasing’s slasher titles on tap for DVD – Humongous, House on Sorority Row, Final Exam, The Carpenter, The Incubus and American Nightmares as well as other genre titles – Retro Slashers conducted a brief q&a with company president Walter Olsen (yes, brother of Bill Olsen who runs Code Red [...]

Interview: Bill Kinison Discusses The Honeymoon Killer (APRIL FOOL’S)

Charlie Sheen, Alison (Nellie Oleson on Little House on the Prairie) Arngrim, and radio personality Rush Limbaugh star in Sam Kinison’s The Honeymoon Killer now in post-production. The late Sam Kinison’s take on the slasher genre, which was previously covered here, deals with an unhappily married man who targets brides on their wedding day.  During a recent [...]

Interview: Filming Halloween 5′s Laundry Chute Sequence With DP Rob Draper, ACS

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers has long since divided fans of the series, with some feeling that the movie failed to live up to the comeback of The Return of Michael Myers and others appreciating the European feel that Swiss filmmaker Dominique Othenin-Girard brought to the picture. Arguably the movie’s stand-out moment is [...]

Interview With Dreamaniac Director David DeCoteau

1986′s Dreamaniac was a product of the times – made during the genre’s infatuation with Freddy Krueger, it was a Faustian tale that reversed the mainstay gender roles – the main character is a male, a rock musician who makes a deal to achieve personal success, at the cost of all the women around him being offed [...]