Interview With Dreamaniac Director David DeCoteau

1986’s Dreamaniac was a product of the times – made during the genre’s infatuation with Freddy Krueger, it was a Faustian tale that reversed the mainstay gender roles – the main character is a male, a rock musician who makes a deal to achieve personal success, at the cost of all the women around him being offed […]

The Future Of Madman Marz

Joe Giannone’s Madman (shot in 1980, released 1982) has experienced a resurgence with slasher fans in recent years similar to the Sleepaway Camp movement. Yet this has all been contrary to the increasing rarity of the film since Anchor Bay’s DVD went out of print. But that’s about to be remedied as Code Red DVD […]

Inside Graduation Day: The James Winburn Interview

James Winburn has worked on probably half of your favorite horror or action films in a stuntman capacity – even donning the Michael Myers mechanics outfit and mask in the first HALLOWEEN – and also directing the retro horror video staple EVIL ALTER! But you can get his exhaustive list at IMDB. We’re here to […]

The Girl at Smith’s Grove: An Interview with Chenell Cowan of Rob Zombie’s Halloween

By Paul Talbot: Among the more disturbing images created by Rob Zombie for his controversial Halloween remake is the brutal scene where a young female inmate is raped by two sleazy orderlies in Michael Myers’s dark cell at Smith’s Grove Sanitarium. Chenell Cowan played the disturbed girl in this unsettling set piece which was cut […]

Interview With Mother's Day Actress Nancy Hendrickson

By “SkaryMoviez”: Every once in a while, a retro slasher arrives to little or no fanfare, only to be recognized years later, thus attaining what we like to call cult status. Charles Kaufman’s 1980 classic Mother’s Day arrived into theaters only to be looked down upon by fans of the then more popular Friday The […]

The Prey Part Four: Lori Lethin Interview

Lori Lethin was a mainstay of episodic television in the 80s, appearing in everything from The Dukes of Hazzard to Hill Street Blues. But it was her genre work that earned her cult status (although her role on Charlie’s Angels was pretty dang cool too!). Lori Lethin’s pretty and petite girl-next-door beauty may have ensured […]