EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Romano Talks Black Devil Doll Novel

WARNING: ADULTS ONLY Since interviewing Jonathan and Shawn Lewis back in late 2007, I’ve been waiting in anticipation for their outrageously sleazy exploitation flick Black Devil Doll.

Exclusive Interview with Sorority Row (2009) Writer Pete Goldfinger

Along with frequent collaborator Josh Stolberg, Pete Goldfinger is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after writers in the horror genre, with not only Piranha 3D building anticipation but also the latest slasher redux, Sorority Row. Retro Slashers caught up with Pete to learn more…

I Spit On Your Vengeance: The Donald Farmer Interview

I Spit On Your Vengeance: The Donald Farmer Interview

1993’s SAVAGE VENGEANCE is one odd duck. It’s supposed to be a merely a tribute to the classic revenge film I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE (1978), yet it has the star of that film Camille Keaton reprising the same “Jennifer” role and vaguely referencing events from that film. With that in mind, I finaly got […]

Exclusive Interview With Wrong Turn 3 Star Janet Montgomery

With starring roles in such promising horror flicks as The Hills Run Red and Wrong Turn 3, English beauty Janet Montgomery has the makings of a 21st century scream queen. Retro Slashers finds out more.

Exclusive Interview with Sorority Row (2009) Actor Matt Lanter

Following on from our exclusive interview with co-writer Josh Stolberg, Retro Slashers continues the Sorority Row coverage with actor Matt Lanter, whose work on such hit shows as Heroes and 90210 looks set to develop into a successful movie career.

A Synthesized Future: The Robert Renfrow Interview (2006)

Ronald D. Moore’s FUTURE-KILL (1985) faced illustrating a large story with a limited budget. A big part of its success in demonstrating a bleak, near-future vision was not what you see, but what you hear. Film composer Robert Renfrow’s electronic score perfectly complimented the on-screen action. Unlike many composers who start working on films after […]