Cheaper Than A Nail Gun: The Terry Lofton Interview (2005)

Movies are a collaborative medium, but if you had to place just one face to THE NAIL GUN MASSACRE (1985) – everyone’s favorite 80′s nail gun slasher film (by default!) – it’d be writer/producer/director Terry Lofton. Terry took some time during the 20th Anniversary to answer all our nitpicky questions, for which we’re grateful.

Exclusive Interview with Sorority Row (2009) Writer Josh Stolberg

Josh Stolberg is the co-writer of the upcoming slasher flick Sorority Row (along with collaborator Pete Goldfinger). With the likes of Piranha 3D set to make him hot property, Retro Slashers catches up with Josh to discuss the making of one of 2009′s most anticipated slashers…

Legacy Of Blood: The Jim Harper Interview (2004)

Jim Harper has written a book about the slasher genre entitled LEGACY OF BLOOD: A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO SLASHER MOVIES, released in the UK in 2004. The blurb reads: The “slasher” movie is the bloodiest incarnation of the modern horror film, tainted by criticisms of misogyny, yet remaining-on and off-a box-office draw for 30 years. [...]

Exclusive Interview With Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash 2 Artist Jason Craig

To All A Good Krug: The David Hess Interview (2004)

Few outside the slasher fanbase remember 1980′s To All A Goodnight. Even those inside will cite a hamhanded plot, slackjaw-inducing character actions, and an unconvincing yet excitable spray of oatmeal gore from an airplane propellor – but like many slashers from the era, like it or hate it, pointing out its misgivings is half the [...]

Exclusive Interview With MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D Director Patrick Lussier

Patrick Lussier first gained attention as Wes Craven’s editor of choice on such classics as New Nightmare and Scream, before moving up to the director’s chair with a string of popular sequels. But 2009 saw his greatest success with the 3D slasher My Bloody Valentine. Retro Slashers finds out what it was like to create [...]