Exclusive Interview With MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D Director Patrick Lussier

Patrick Lussier first gained attention as Wes Craven’s editor of choice on such classics as New Nightmare and Scream, before moving up to the director’s chair with a string of popular sequels. But 2009 saw his greatest success with the 3D slasher My Bloody Valentine. Retro Slashers finds out what it was like to create […]

Exclusive Interview With THE BOOGEYMAN Director Ulli Lommel

Exclusive DON'T GO IN THE WOODS Interview: James Bryan

Rumour has it that you were a med student who changed majors to film, before later enrolling at UCLA. How did you first develop an interest in filmmaking and what kind of projects were you working on during those early years?

Exclusive interview with TOURIST TRAP director David Schmoeller

When did you first develop a love of cinema and how did you take your first steps into filmmaking? What kind of movies were you inspired by and which directors had the greatest influence on your work?

HE CAME HOME pt. 8 – Exclusive Interview With ANTHONY MASI, former webmaster of and co-writer/producer of 25 Years of Terror

Exclusive Interview With Cult Filmmaker JIM WYNORSKI

What kind of movies did you enjoy as you were growing up and which do you feel helped shape you as a filmmaker later in life?