Joyride (1983) Book Review

Horror fiction writers were slow to take up the slasher mantle back in the early 80’s even though celluloid stalkers were carving up hefty profits at the box-office. Anyone scanning paperback racks at the corner market were more likely to find novels about demon possessed houses, Stephen King rip-offs featuring evil little kids with psychic […]

How To Survive A Horror Movie (2007) Book Review

Talk about finding a diamond among a bunch of worthless rocks. I first saw Seth Grahame-Smith’s excellent book on a new release table sandwiched between mountains of Oprah’s latest Book of the Month and literary dreck that folks buy but never read. The cover, featuring a bloody gash through the title, is definitely an eye-catcher. […]

Nightmare USA

The bible for all horror movie lovers.

Graphic Horror – Slasher Merchandise

As well as toys, the other thing we horror geeks refuse to give up are our comics. There’s something about seeing limbs hacked to pieces and intestines being spewed out onto the floor that makes for an entertaining read.

EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Romano Talks Black Devil Doll Novel

WARNING: ADULTS ONLY Since interviewing Jonathan and Shawn Lewis back in late 2007, I’ve been waiting in anticipation for their outrageously sleazy exploitation flick Black Devil Doll.

Black Devil Doll Turns Into a Motherfu**in Novel

I’m a bit slow picking up on this one but Black Devil Doll writer Shawn Lewis just informed me that a novelization of the movie is due for release.