The Prowler’s Farley Granger R.I.P.

It is a common method for ageing actors whose glory days are long behind them to accept roles in low budget horror movies in order to remain in the public spotlight. The slasher genre saw such esteemed screen legends as Jack Palance, Glenn Ford and Donald Pleasence appearing in a variety of pictures during the […]

Coppola’s Dementia 13 Making Its Way to Blu-ray

Over the last couple of years there have been countless Roger Corman productions that have made their way to Blu-ray and now the latest to be upgraded is Francis Ford Coppola’s commercial debut Dementia 13. Having completed work on a picture entitled The Young Racers in Ireland, Corman discovered that he still had some of […]

Troma’s Mother’s Day Coming To Blu-Ray

A remake may be out in a few weeks and an appendage-movie in Father’s Day later, but June 7 brings Mother’s Day (1980) home on blu-ray. Not typical Troma fare at all, but back then 80’s Troma wasn’t really Troma yet. I always found the flick somewhat atypical and unsafe. The opening scene pulls a […]

Early Bird SOV Slasher Sledgehammer Coming To DVD

Start-up distributor Intervision Pictures Corp, who have a name and logo right out of the 1980’s, will release Sledgehammer (1983) to DVD on May 10. There’s something about a clear “laughing” mask that’s creepy beyond Michael Myers’ pale mug. Variations of it have been commonly employed in horror movies as a prankster’s tool (Friday The […]

Blue Underground Bring The Nesting To DVD/Blu-Ray

The terror that hides inside your mind will soon be the terror that hides in your media player. Armand Weston’s The Nesting (1980) is coming to DVD and BD from Blue Underground on June 28. This is quite the unexpected announcement as the title has long been associated with Code Red DVD as a future […]

New York’s Finest Slashers Posterized

William Lustig’s Maniac has been getting a lot of renewed appreciation lately, centered on the seminal 1980 NY slasher’s new theatrical run – if the recent Stephen Romano poster wasn’t cool enough (it was!), here’s another by Ken Taylor for Mondo Tees in support of the Alamo Drafthouse’s recent showing. Not only that, but it […]