Christmas Comes Early: Lost Santa Slasher Unearthed

Our Christmas present to you last year was Thomas Ellison’s investigation of the uncompleted early 80’s slasher Jack M. Sell’s Black Christmas (featured in skit movie Outtakes). We now have a present from Retro Slashers‘ reader Wesley Skelly who after reading the article, obtained the director’s cut and now pays forward the lengthy trailer to us.

There are plenty of completed slashers that don’t carry as much fun and cheeky attitude as seen in Jack M. Sell’s Black Christmas. Here are several instant classic moments:

1. Making love is better when the guy keeps his tight denim jeans on. Naturally.
2. “Why don’t you say hello to my blue steel” Wow buddy, you sure now how to play the ladies.
3. Woman: “My god, the phone’s dead” – Man: “So am I” (falls to the floor with a knife in his back)
4. The woman stabs Santa in the ass, causing him to fart. And her disgusted “ho ho ho” reaction.
5. The surprise shot of unwrapped bush. Listen, this video isn’t safe for work, okay?

For a hard copy, Outtakes is available on video only, but is longer than the commercially released version and comes packed with collectible extras from Sell. Get it via Sell Communications.

Thanks to Wesley for making the trailer video available – he’s quite the slasher fan and you can check out his own take on a holiday slasher spoof here.

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2 Responses to “ Christmas Comes Early: Lost Santa Slasher Unearthed ”

  1. Veddy interesting. Thanks for this!

  2. When the girl takes the sword off the wall, the music sounds a lot like the music on the trailer for Slumber Party Massacre II. Anyone else agree? Also, can this be any worse than The Last Slumber Party? Oh, one more thing.

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