Clock Tower: The Movie

Fans of horror gaming will recognize the name Clock Tower, a series of video games that are to retro slashers what Resident Evil is to classic zombies. Essentially a cross between Argento’s Susperia & Phenomena, with elements of Friday The 13th & The Burning thrown in for good measure. At it’s core, the series revolves around a teenage orphan named Jennifer’s desperate attempts to survive the endless slaughter wrought by Scissorman…a demonic, deformed little boy with a 2′ pair of shears & boundless lust for carnage.

Now, we have to look forward to Clock Tower to join the endless ranks of cinematic adaptations, on it’s way later in the year, or sometime within the next, from Martin Weiss, auteur behind the 2007 classic, Hills Have Eyes 2. Oh, and did I mention that it also stars Brittany Snow, star of the equally classic remake of Prom Night?!

And yes, the plot has been radically altered (sigh), with Scissorman now being a grizzled old with hunter as opposed to a demon child. And for the record, the plot is based around the second Playstation installment…fans’ unanimous least favorite in the series.

A bevy of promo posters showed up at the American Film Market; here for your delight are the two most retro-slashin’ of the bunch. Say what you will…these look like they came right out of an ’80s Mom N’ Pop video store. Maybe there’s a shred of hope after all?

Very Halloween….

….and very Vestron.

NOTE: The full casting sheet & the rest of the posters are easily tracked-down online. I refrained from linking to them here because, well, chances are they’ll make you sad.

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4 Responses to “ Clock Tower: The Movie ”

  1. I’m more interested in if Weiss’ “Grimm Love” ever gets a R1 release.

  2. Pretty sure I have this game on PSONE but never ventured too deeply into gameplay. I think I saw something scary and shat myself. This, and Resident Evil 1 & 2, were PS games that did for me what most horror movies simply cannot, gave me the willies. Great post and Vestron reference!

  3. It is kinda neat, but like this article said it is based off the US release of Clock Tower on PSONE also known in Japan as “Clock Tower 2″ and the U.S. Release of “Clock Tower 3″ on PS2. If they want to make a movie out of Clock Tower, at least start with the PSONE remake of the original Super Nintendo game Clock Tower known as “Clock Tower: The First Fear” that was, unfortunately, only released in Japan. Beside “Clock Tower: The First Fear” Was, in my opinion, the best of the series. Also making movies out of Point-and-click games is sometimes not really a good idea. Hell, I can’t see the “Myst” series being a movie series.

  4. this is awesome news, i love the clock tower games and i love brittany snow!!! what a hottie :) i cant wait to see the movie

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