Code Red Alert: Riot On 42nd Street DVD


Streeting May 19th, Code Red-produced/Shriek Show-distributed – Tim Kincaid’s sleaze epic RIOT ON 42ND STREET. If you were able to sit through BREEDERS, MUTANT HUNT and ROBOT HOLOCAUST with a knowing grin like I was, this grimey 80’s artifact will hit the spot.

“You want scum, you came to the right place.” Once upon a time, there existed a sleazy haven for degenerates, junkies, prostitutes and thugs. That place was 42nd Street, the Deuce. In the 80s, the Deuce still clung to its unsavory origins. For better or worse, Glen Barnes (John Patrick Hayden) looks to keep his grindhouse operation legitimate and must fight the underworld criminals who hold sway in these parts. When Glen’s entire staff is massacred on opening night, Glen must revert back to his violent history to exact a little revenge. Meanwhile, Glen’s cop ex-girlfriend (Michelle Owens) tries to convince him to keep his nose clean while her partner, played by Jeff Fahey, tries to snuff their rekindling romance. Co-starring Carl Fury and directed by Tim Kincaid, Riot On 42nd Street is a sleazy salute to a beloved bygone era.”

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2 Responses to “ Code Red Alert: Riot On 42nd Street DVD ”

  1. Man, I wish I got to 42nd Street before they cleaned it up. I would have loved to viisit an actual Grindhouse theatre. I really want to see this and see what 42nd Street used to look like.

    Let’s hope that it streets on May 19th. The last couple of Media Blasters/ Code Red ventures took a couple of weeks past there dues dates to street. I thought “Terror Circus” would never be released.

  2. Wow, that movie looks fantastic. I’ve always been fascinated by 42nd street and the whole grindhouse experience. It’s probably good I wasn’t around back then. I would have spent all of my time there watching movies and avoiding the homeless junkies in the aisles.

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