Code Red Bring Savage Streets Back to DVD

The unclassy – okay, trashy revenger Savage Streets (1984) starring Linda Blair and Linnea Quigley is headed back to DVD via Code Red. Back? You may remember BCI previously released it, with extras produced by Code Red. But CR have the whole film now which means a new print, and word has it there may be some new or different extras. Here’s a screen from that new print:

Many more can be found on Code Red’s blog.

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5 Responses to “ Code Red Bring Savage Streets Back to DVD ”

  1. So… are they *ever* going to release “Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker???”

  2. I love this movie. Got to see an original print with trailers on the big screen and it was an experience DVD couldn’t reproduce. Will definitely be keeping an eye on this release though.

  3. Great news and, by the way, the new look of the site is awesome. =P

  4. yeah looking forward to this, and i agree the look is awesome.. this site makes me feel good ha ha ha

  5. great stuff. Cod red are really stepping up at the moment. Savage Streets is the dogs testicles
    Are there any plans to release Butcher Baker Nightmaremaker?
    I still wish someone somewhere would release the Boogens.

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