Code Red DVD Unearth Lost Slasher



Code Red have revealed some startling news via their blog:

NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER, a comedy slasher shot in 1995, but never released anywhere in the world, will make its world debut via CODE RED DVD this summer! Some psycho wearing a basketball mask is killing off the High School basketball team and it’s up to the famous TV Funnyman Fred Travelena to find the killer! In the vein of Peter Sellers films, Fred plays 3 roles in the movie! Canadian TV’s COLD SQUAD Gregory Calpakis also stars in this demented comedy horror film that has been lost for many years! Directed and produced by the fine folks who brought you SNUFF, THE CARPENTER, and the cult classic ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE! We hope you all will enjoy this lost classic!

I never knew this existed, and I thought I had the 411 on all the lost slashers!

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15 Responses to “ Code Red DVD Unearth Lost Slasher ”

  1. OH MAN, that looks so damn worthwhile.

  2. I’ll have to re-read this tomorrow, to make sure I’m not hallucinating.

  3. Didn’t the guy who plays the killer also play Wilson in Castaway?

  4. uh….why doesn’t Code Red give us news about THE MUTILATOR, NIGHTMARE, SILENT SCREAM, etc….instead of THIS?? Code Red is seriously a WEIRD and SHADY company, that’s for sure!

  5. I’d much rather get an update on The Mutilator, Silent Scream, and Buthcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker.

    90’s, goofy, and comedy horror are three turnoffs in one for me, and the only attraction is that it’s so obscure. But it was probably forgotten for a reason.

  6. code red seems to love announcing movies and putting trailers on their dvd’s, then never mentioning the again.

  7. code red seems to love announcing movies and putting trailers on their dvds, then never mentioning them again.

  8. I’m convinced Code Red is run by doped up robot-rabbits with knives as tails…

  9. The killer looks like a “Madball” (ugly balls released in the 80s, anyone?) head on Julius from Friday part 8 (ugly “Takes Manhattan” sequel released in the 80s, anyone?) track-suited body.

    What tom-foolery!!!

  10. I’m pretty sure Code Red was ran by two brothers and one dropped out leaving the other to run the company. This may have something to do with what you guys are talking about, but don’t quote me on that. I also agree with what you’re saying, stop talking about doing stuff and just release it already!

  11. Since this was just announced I’m gonna guess the release date to be around Nov. 2013.

  12. I Also Want News On NIGHTMARE DVD Release

  13. I was thinking more around 2012 but 2013 will work.

  14. This movie looks fucking amazing. Alot of people hate on stuff like this but come on, we need this dvd released! I love movies like this. Just plain ridiculous!

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