Code Red Say Nightmare DVD Within 6 Months (UPDATED)

While Code Red DVD have released some mouth-watering rarities, their status as the Criterion Of Horror is constantly kneecapped by their seeming reluctance to engage customers about the status of several long-delayed titles.

But nonetheless, the excellent long-running website Horror DVDs has often played public confidant to the company in the past, and today brings positive word from Mr Code Red himself, Bill Norton, about their most anticipated release ever, Nightmare [In A Damaged Brain], aka Blood Splash.

Boldface type added for dramatic effect.

“Anyway, just to clarify to some here – it is not just translating the interview from Italian to English – that is fairly easy. The main issue is that every line of the translation needs to be timed to when Scavolini is talking so that it can be matched to when he’s speaking. It’s not as easy as using a dialog list for a feature film where you have various characters conversing and it’s easy to put the subtitles where/when they belong. This Scavolini interview is basically a 95-minute one man talking feature-length film and requires much more than a translator just writing down what he’s saying on a piece of paper. A professional subtitle-house is the only option and that will cost us well over $3,000 for a title that will never recoup what we’ve already put out. This is simple business truth. We are not a charity, although we would love to be rich and release everything perfectly. I doubt anyone wants to donate $3,500 to get that interview done. I don’t have $3,500 either, unfortunately. Sorry. DVD sales are in the pits, and throwing more cash at a title that will not break even (trust me, it won’t) is simply no longer in the cards.

Anyway, it seems the majority of fans out there really just want the film, though, so we have finally decided to release NIGHTMARE within the next six months with the extras we have completed and leave it at that. Hopefully, fans will appreciate what is there instead of what isn’t. But the film will be there, and that’s the most important thing. Check our blog for the official announcement soon, and the streetdate once it’s announced. Thanks.”

We’ll all be watching their official blog for that official announcement. In the meantime, peruse our past catalog of Nightmare articles, including a juicy one about the famously tangled Tom Savini FX controversy, right here.

Update – Official Announcement from Code Red

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8 Responses to “ Code Red Say Nightmare DVD Within 6 Months (UPDATED) ”

  1. This Is Awesome Thanks Codered I Hope We Get The U.S Theatrical Poster Artwork For The Dvd Cover. I’m Praying For A Halloween Release.

  2. This is great news for slasher fans! Nightmare is creepy and bizarre, with a palpable grindhouse feel. Everyone should support Code Red, they may take a while to deliver on their promises, but they do deliver. I love other genre companies like Synapse and Dark Sky, but Code Red is the one company that seems totally committed to rescuing titles that slid into complete obscurity once VHS was replaced by DVD and all the local Mom & Pop video stores folded. Almost everything they release is interesting and reminds you of the good old days when you could rent a grab bag full of random VHS weirdness to occupy your weekend for a few bucks.

    I hope they make a mint off this long-awaited release and continue fighting the good fight!

  3. Love this movie and am looking forward to the DVD!

  4. I have the original 89 min Uncut bigbox video version and the 99 min extended (or whatever you want to call it) version but I would definatly love a brand spankin’ new Code Red DVD. Long live Code Red and be careful with that axe Eugene.

  5. The original VHS releases weren’t cram packed with interviews and bonus extras – usually just a trailer or two then the film. It should be about the movie, not the extras. I think Code Red made the best decision. I think at this point all the fans care about is getting a LEGIT U.S. DVD release. Thanks for FINALLY putting this out! I can now retire my imported Dutch print – and give a little money to a company who deserves it.


  6. I’ll take the “glass-half-full” approach and say it’s great that this is finally getting released, but I disagree that it shouldn’t be about the extras.

    Like any hardcore fan, I have just any movie you can think on VHS and have burned my own copies of them. The best thing about DVD is getting things like commentaries, tv spots, interviews, deleted footage, etc.

    If a release doesn’t include stuff like this then I’m less likely to buy it. That’s why I’m still hoping Code Red will reconsider “The Redeemer”. As long as some cool extras are lined up then go ahead and use a Continental VHS print. It didn’t stop people from buying Slaughter High, and that didn’t have any good extras at all.

  7. So… Code Red’s Blog has seemingly disappeared off the net – that doesn’t bode well, given it’s their sole vehicle for advertising their releases. Are we to asume that CR no longer exist and that we should snap up any existing releases ASAP whilst vendors have them?

  8. No, not exactly. I wouldn’t wait forever, but if Code Red’s sales are as bad as they say they are then it’s unlikely that any of their previous releases are going to be sold out right away.

    A movie may go out-of-print but there can still be tons of warehouse copies. Movies Unlimited had the old Slumber Party Massacre DVD’s available (cheap) long after people were trying to charge outrageous prices on Ebay. If you’re looking for any discontinued movie you should try MU, Critic’s Choice, or a special order from your local Hastings, FYE, etc. before jumping on Ebay.

    As far as any Code Red disc released AFTER this closure announcement? YES. Grab it while you can! It’s likely to be a very limited pressing.

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